So New Jersey, the expectation is that regardless of policy proposal, no matter how flawed or ridiculous, NJ is gonna be in the blue column in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Just when you thought the national democrats can't get any more absurd. Slavery reparations from Cory Booker, "gay" reparations from Elizabeth Warren, now Bernie Sanders wants to wipe out $1.6 trillion in college debt. That's right, pay off everyone's college debt to give graduates a fresh start. Well isn't that nice!

Of course, someone has to pay it off. The colleges still got their money and a lending institution is carrying that debt. So who pays for Bernie's giveaway? You do.

We have state Democrats running the state into the ground with increased debt and proposal after proposal for new axes. In just the short time Murphy has been Governor, your taxes have been increased dozens of times. How many more examples do we need in NJ to see that the Democrats have become the party of identity politics and class warfare? AND to pay for all of their giveaways, they have the middle class, as if we have an endless supply of cash to pay for everyone else's life choices.

Enough is enough.

Yes I beat up on the GOP a lot, when they deserve it, but if you look at the votes on the budget making it's way through the legislature, all 24 GOP Assembly members voted "No". That's enough of a start for me that we have at least some voices pushing back. So, no free college. And no new government debt until we see priorities!

How about the trains running on time? Potholes filled? Teachers made whole? It's time for change in New Jersey and Booker, Warren, Murphy, Sanders and Sweeney simple don't meet the criteria of being capable of fixing NJ.

The Democrats have been running the state since 2004 and after Christie let us down by essentially being "Democrat-lite", it's no wonder we're in the mess we're in.

So here's what we need to do, send a new majority to the Assembly in 2019 and then elect a new Governor in 2021. If you think that the middle and working class should continue to pay for the choices of others by erasing debt and paying for illegals to go to college, then vote Democrat. If you're tired of endless promises paid for by our hard work then it's time to vote "No". Vote out any incumbent who doesn't oppose every step taken by the Murphy administration. And then make NJ competitive again in the 2020 election.

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