Glenn Lehrman, the Head of Communications for StubHub discussed the demand for this year's Super Bowl 48 tickets and how tickets in general fluctuate.

Glenn Lehrman from StubHub discusses Super Bowl tickets with us
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"Super Bowl tickets has a pretty wide fluctuation. You see a huge spike always soon as the championship games end. Then you kind of see a steady and then a little spike at the end. This year it's been kind of volatile.You had that big spike and then the market has just bottomed out."

When asked if that drop had anything to do with the weather, Lehrman answers "Oh it's absolutely because of the weather."  Lehrman does mention though, that there is reason for optimism for ticket sales  may trend upward as the outlook for Super Bowl Sunday's weather looks to be good. "Now what we're seeing in the last 48 hours, ticket sales are starting to go way back up. We're not seeing it necessarily in the prices but we're seeing it in terms of volume."

As far as the highest and lowest ticket demand overall for a New Jersey event, the range is quite varied.

"The last season Nets were in New Jersey every ticket was under $3.00, with the exception of the Heat game. I would say there were 30 games that year you could buy for 99 cents." As far as in terms of the highest prices for tickets, you can imagine it was the hometown acts that drew them in. " In terms of high demand, not surprising, Springsteen when he's coming to town, Bon Jovi, the big New Jersey acts. The opening games for both the Giants and Jets were huge. And this year's Super Bowl, we're seeing a ton of Jersey buyers, buying for the game this year. Washington, New York and New Jersey are the top 3 states buying tickets to the game, even more than Colorado."

You can listen to the entire interview below:

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