It's one thing when politicians throw shade at each other, but it's another when they're actually funny doing it. Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop's new ad has him bragging about his accomplishments while sitting in a beach chair reminiscent to the one Governor Christie used he spent time at Island Beach state park during the government last July 3rd.

Fulop opens the spot with "They used to say politics was no day at the beach, until it was."

The mayor is then transported in the chair to the various things he has done with something funny happening to him in each location. It's really put together very well and the mayor shows a good self depreciating side.

Keep in mind that Governor Christie worked through that infamous beach trip until the shutdown was resolved. Regardless of how you feel about Mayor Fulop, you have to give credit where credit is due. I like the idea that when Jersey politicians take shots at each other, at least they're funny about it.

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