On Monday I was invited to work out at the Atilis gym in Belmawr, Camden County. A friend of mine works out there on a regular basis and even was arrested there during last years controversy at the gym asked me to come by and work out. He told me that membership is free for those who are not vaccinated.

The gym has been open continuously since last spring when they were ordered to shut down, apart from a few days when the state locked them out. No one is wearing masks and everyone is practicing good hygiene. Of the tens of thousands of visits to the gym, they have not registered in one case of COVID-19.

The co-owner Ian Smith has been featured on many media reports in the past year. Sometimes portrayed as a villain and sometimes as a courageous patriot. Whatever you think of him, he is definitely charting his own course in this and has demonstrated great courage in the face of an all-powerful state which one after him pretty hard.

The one thing that hasn’t been publicized all that much throughout the pandemic was the idea of taking care of one’s own health. If you go to the gym, you more than likely care about your body and what goes into it. So, are we to assume that most people who go to this gym in particular are healthier than the rest? Maybe so.

You’ve got to wonder for a place that has been with no masks but common-sense hygiene has avoided any infection or spread of COVID-19, the people running it and the people who go there must be doing something right.

The emphasis has been from the beginning “when will there be a vaccine?!” When from the beginning more emphasis should’ve been put on take care of your own freaking body and you are much less likely to get sick!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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