For over 30 years, the Franklin Township Food Bank has been helping local residents, and get set to hold their largest annual fundraiser.What's so great about the Garden State? Let us know using the form at the end of this report.

Tour de Franklin (Facebook)
Tour de Franklin (Facebook)

"Our mission is to provide Franklin residents in need with food assistance in an atmosphere of dignity," said Frank Hasner, Executive Director.

Residents are permitted to receive a package of groceries 15 times a year, which works out to one visit a month plus three additional stops.

Hasner said that they are seeing an alarming trend over the last 10 years in the amount of people coming through their doors. That is compounded by the fact that they are a non-profit, which is reliant on community support for funding. The whole has equation has put a major strain on their budget, which was over $600,000 last year.

"We're giving out four times the amount of food that we did in 2003, but we're doing it with only half the money," Hasner explained.

He said he is very concerned that current pace is not sustainable.

The Franklin Township Food Bank hosts its 25th annual Tour De Franklin bike ride fundraiser on Sunday, April 27. It includes seven events throughout the day, ranging from a 62 mile bike ride to a 1-5 mile ride/walk, as well as a free bike drawing and lunch for all attendees.

"It's a family event where you can do any level of riding or walking," Hasner said.

Last year's event drew over 700 participants, raising over $50,000 for the Food Bank.

"One thing that we don't want to have here in our town is people having food insecurity."

Get full details about the charity and their upcoming fundraiser by visiting the Franklin Township Food Bank website and Facebook page.