So if you want to see some absolute selfish and reckless morons at work, have we got a video for you. Police are saying very little but they are looking into the matter of three Camaros last weekend basically taking over a stretch of 78 right before the toll plaza in Essex County. It’s where it then divides into the Turnpike, the airport lanes and Route 1 & 9.

Two red Camaros are standing by looking to be blocking traffic while the silver convertible Camaro does donuts. The Reddit user who posted this says they held up traffic and that all three were witnessed doing spin outs.

Check out this video and please don’t get any stupid ideas. The last thing New Jersey needs is more a$$ho!es.

The Reddit user mentions that this happened on a Sunday and they theorize it’s because they would have been risking too much by doing it on a weekday. With this behavior I’m assuming the only risk they were trying to avoid was getting caught.

Oh look I understand when you’re really young it’s hard to grasp the concept that you are a mere mortal. Perhaps hard to care that other people are too. And we do dumb and risky things sometimes. I should point out though we don’t know the age of these clowns. Hopefully we will know all about them very soon.

Because while some of us did stupid things that risked our own butts, doing a donut in a huge empty parking lot with absolutely no one else around wasn’t risking somebody else or inconveniencing others (except perhaps the medics that could have needed to scrape our dumb asses off the pavement). Still reckless, still wrong, but what these Camaros were doing was beyond the pale.

These teenagers or frat boys who never grew up or whoever the hell these dopes are are living out their finest fast and furious wet dreams. But if you really want to be a bad ass how about take that crap onto a track somewhere and do some legitimate racing. Doing this at a toll plaza on a busy New Jersey highway deserves nothing less than the book thrown at them.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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