We've got shortages across the board in New Jersey, corrections, local police, teachers, nurses, you name it, and it's hard to find strong workers for many critical roles.

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Part of the problem, or most of the problem, is the question of affordability.

New Jersey has become so expensive that for the past 5 years; we've led the nation in out-migration. Since state workers and teachers in particular are required to live in New Jersey, it creates another obstacle for hiring.

It's every day, or ANY day, that I find myself in agreement with the NJEA. But there are always exceptions to every rule.

The NJEA is correctly assessing that we have a teacher shortage in the Garden State even if the residency requirement isn't the only cause, it's certainly a burden that if lifted will give local districts an opportunity to recruit from our commuter-friendly neighs of New York, PA and Delaware.


It's important that the state of New Jersey acts in a way that is positive for employers and employees. The issue and argument should NOT be whether to force someone to live in the state. The discussion should be centered on creating an environment where teachers and state workers WANT to stay or move into the Garden State.

That mindset is absent from the policymakers at every level in Trenton. More taxes, more spending, more borrowing, more crushing high density, and unfunded mandates on our local towns.

The flood of illegals getting handouts from already over-taxed citizens and an infrastructure desperate for attention, investment, and repair are all contributing factors making NJ unappealing.

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Instead of forcing a residency requirement, let's force a change at the ballot box and start electing political leaders who care about the needs of working and middle-class families.

Start by eliminating the requirement to live in NJ.

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