No way to stop it now. Governor Murphy and his incompetent cohorts AG Gurbir Grewal and Secretary of state Tahesha Way have ensured that it’s possible your vote MAY NOT count on Election Day.

Both provided cover for the governor who clearly benefits from the chaos created by his own actions. That said, here we are. So now the fight is to make sure your vote counts. For me, I trust the US Postal Service far more than NJ state and even county government. My wife and I signed, sealed and delivered our ballots to our letter carrier. Yes, having to choose the best way to make sure my vote counts, I trust the workers who wear the uniform of the US postal service far more than the bureaucrats in NJ government. I encourage you to do the same.

If you’ve had any issue with your vote this year, receiving multiple ballots, deceased person ballots or you already voted and are unable to track your vote then go to this website and call/email your local board of elections. If you can’t get through, look up your NJ legislator here and call your Senator and members of the assembly. Make some noise now so your vote counts on election day.

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