Sometimes I wish all New Jersey decisions could be put on the ballot.

We trust our politicians to make the decisions we elected them to make, only to see them do what's best for themselves and for their future candidacies. It's so bad in New Jersey that some consider corruption a pizza topping. If there's one decision this year that should have been put up for a vote by we the people of New Jersey, it's whether those here illegally should be allowed New Jersey driver's licenses.

Just like we got to vote on whether the gas tax money should be used to fix the roads, we should be able to vote on who we will be sharing them with. Especially when those granted access can cost us not only money but our lives should there be an accident involving someone not legally here.

We've read all the info, heard all the arguments, now it should be up to the people of New Jersey to make an informed decision. Instead, we are helpless and at the mercy of those who are just going to push it through post-election like they said they would.

Now we're stuck with the outcome. We will probably be sharing the road with someone who needed but an electric bill to prove that they can get a license, while we needed 6 points of ID. Auto insurance rates will probably increase, as will motor vehicle accidents caused by those without enough insurance to cover them. All I can say is drive safe, you never know who you're sharing the road with.

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