As we’re about to begin another NFL season where millions of dollars will wagered on the games, don’t you wish sports betting were legal in New Jersey?

Sports Betting
PNC, Getty Images


Governor Christie not only wants sports wagering but has tried to make it happen on numerous occasions. Even NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wants sports betting. NJ already has NFL logos on lottery tickets and if fantasy sports leagues are legal, so then why not sports betting?

Wouldn’t it be great at the very least to know that the money you lose in sports bets would be going to help New Jersey instead of wherever else it winds up now?

I believe there are three things which could bring New Jersey tons of revenue, Legalizing marijuana, legalizing prostitution, and legalizing sports betting. I can’t see why anyone would have a problem with sports betting except for the leagues themselves, who continue to try to keep their head in the sand like sports wagering isn't happening already.

Would you like to see sports betting legalized in New Jersey?