Can you imagine that our government "leaders" in New Jersey have been reduced to telling you to rat out your fellow diners for not fully complying with the absurd executive orders?

First of all, is there any thinking adult who believes that you are safe from a virus because you’re wearing a mask that clearly states on the packaging that it cannot prevent the transmission of viruses?  Second, even if the mask were effective, is there any rational person who believes that wearing a mask for the 8-second walk to a table in a restaurant, then removing the mask to sip your water and converse with your party, is preventing any viral spread? The very idea of partial mask-wearing and constant-face touching is the very definition of what experts say NOT to do.

So now, in addition to the governor doubling down on his very "anti-science" position, he’s now helping foster a climate of tension that will only serve to turn people against each other and drag the already strange and strained dining experience down another notch. Meanwhile, in normal states like Florida, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin and others, people are inside dining, enjoying themselves and, to the best of my knowledge, leaving each other alone.

In nations like Sweden, Denmark the Netherlands, Switzerland, and yes even the former hot spot Italy, life is getting back to normal. No snitching, no out-to-dinner masks, just people getting back to normal. Even in London, where the gov’t has imposed a new lockdown, most people are still going about their business. Actually the word from across the pond is somewhat comical. The government forced pubs closed at 10 p.m. Stores can remain open till 11 p.m. So what do you think happened? That’s right, packed pubs let out at 10 p.m. with throngs of people gathering in front of stores. Then they all pile into the tube to get home. As some have said on social media, creating a brand new rush hour.

And again, the only metrics you see, same crap as we are being told here, positive test results. No increase in sickness, hospitalization and certainly no increase in deaths. So the legitimacy of government in parts of our country and the world is rightfully being questioned. It raises a really interesting question … what’s next? Stay tuned.

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