In schools we have an anti bullying bill of rights to protect children from bullies that torment them.

Now some state legislators are pondering a bill that would target workplace bullying.

According to this:

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, 35 percent of the nation's workforce has reported being a victim of bullying.

A recent survey revealed that more than half of the nation's employers have anti-bullying policies in place. New Jersey and other states are pursuing legislation that would make workplace bullying illegal and give victims the right to sue for physical and emotional harm.

The legislation has garnered mixed reactions from around the state.
Studies have shown that abusive work environments can have negative effects on employees, including stress, loss of sleep, anxiety, depression and hypertension.

It’s not unusual to deal with uncooperative or overaggressive coworkers. While there are laws on the books protecting workers in a “hostile work environment”, the laws state that you’d have to be a member of a “protected class” in order to sue.

I would imagine that were you a person of any stripe, and not just a protected class, that suing would be an option should you experience bullying at the workplace.

And while some may view alerting one's superior to harassment and bullying behavior as "babyish", what other recourse do you have besides sucking it up or seeking other employment?

If so, do you feel we need a law protecting workers from bullies in the workplace?