It took less than 24 hours for the shameless far left progressives like Murphy to use the death and devastation from last week storm to their political advantage. Shameful, disgusting and woefully transparent yet they press on with their mission. Their mission is not to make things better or to keep storms from happening as if they could. The mission is to gain more power and more control over your life and your tax dollars.

After viewing the devastation of the tornado in Mullica Hill, Murphy immediately went to his far-left progressive rhetoric saying we "change our playbook" to deal with these kinds of disasters. Natural disasters have occurred since the beginning of time and will always be there. Changes need to be made when it comes to zoning and development approval along with proper drainage measures.

On Monday, President Biden did his part to take advantage of the raw emotions due to the devastation and played on New Jerseyans emotions hoping to gain support for more "climate change" tax money.  I'm sure it was a comfort to some to have high ranking government officials, especially the President to come and view your plight.

The truth is they don't care a bit about any of the people they visited. It was obvious it was just a photo-op and chance to pitch for bigger more powerful climate change laws. It was shameful and embarrassing and to watch. Who over the age of 10 would buy the nonsense that more money and bigger programs will save the planet?

Unfortunately, many in our state do. Lest you think they're all childless, rudderless, God-less morons. Some shockingly are just committed, partisan ideologues. But the arrogance of the politicians who think they have the power to somehow “prevent“ bad things from happening is it the very least a fool's errand. If he’s talking about interest infrastructure as in building more and better roads and drainage systems when new development comes into a town, he’s correct but when it comes to changing the rules on energy in the environment it’s just another power grab.

It’s beyond shameless to exploit the raw emotions of people who have been devastated by natural disasters and those of us around it, by suggesting that politicians can actually do something to prevent storms like this from happening. Neighboring New York Senator Chuck Schumer what is the most blatant and shameless of them all. Their mantra is and always will be, “don’t ever let a good crisis go to waste!” What’s more frightening than their lust for power and control is the publics willingness to buy into this nonsense.

Yes, fix the things that can mitigate problems such as flooding with infrastructure management and changes but stop scaring people in their most vulnerable moments to gain more power and control. When it comes to “stopping storms“ we can only hope to stop the storms of nonsense that comes from these shameless reckless progressive tool bags.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

President Joe Biden visits Somerset County, NJ to tour Ida damage

President Joe Biden visited Somerset County on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021, for a meeting with state and county officials in Hillsborough and a tour of storm damage in Manville.

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