It was a beautiful Friday and Zinna's Bistro in Cranbury provided the perfect backdrop for an awesome afternoon broadcast.

Dennis and Judi had so much fun broadcasting from Zinna's Bistro in Cranbury. Zinna's was filled with so many amazing people, from the staff to the guests. What better way to kick off the weekend, right? Zinna's Bistro had something for everyone, including a huge birthday party going on and even a listener who joined them all the way from Brooklyn!

If you weren't able to make it to Zinna's, catch up with the photos and video from the broadcast.

Judi decided to do a dramatic interpretation of Dennis' live commercial read. Check out her reenactment in the video below.

Here's a funny video of a woman telling Dennis and Judi about her landscaping accident that was a direct result of her husband. Yikes! See what happened below.


One of Dennis and Judi's favorite listeners discusses (through a window no less!) how many different modes of transportation she took to get to the broadcast, all the way from Brooklyn! now THIS is a fan!