The pandemic is long over. You are not endangering your fellow man by opening your business. You are not endangering public health by opening your restaurant.

Gov. Phil Murphy’s lockdown killed many more people than would have died otherwise. How do I say this with confidence? Look at our nursing homes. Look at the proactive government edict that forced sick people back into the homes to be among the most vulnerable to the virus. Then look at states and countries that had less draconian measures put in place, in the case of Sweden, no lockdown whatsoever.

What we’ve learned from countries like Sweden is that the mortality rate is similar to the seasonal flu. We also learned from the numbers across the world that the highest impacted demographic is elderly people with health conditions to start. Younger healthy people are simply not in danger.

Finally, people are starting to come around and recognize that the extended lockdown and the universal mask-wearing has nothing to do with public health. Any politicians or medical professional using the word “safe” or “safely reopen” is lying to you. That is the new propaganda buzzword of the new American fascist. The goal is to justify government control and power, despite inconsistent enforcement and arbitrary measurements.

Can you imagine that despite the US Constitution and an elected legislature, the governor continues to rule by executive fiat preventing you from earning a proper living, practicing your faith and maintaining your health. All in the name of safety and public health.

If you are a student of history then you already know that history is full of propagandists willing to use your desire to stay healthy and your fear of the unknown to control your behavior. Take a look at the messaging in 1939 Germany.

The pull quote from the National Institute of Health Article:

Smoking was only one of the health related behaviours that received attention in Nazi Germany. The consumption of alcohol was also strongly campaigned against. Fruit and vegetable consumption was encouraged, as was the use of wholemeal bread and the avoidance of fat.1 A key figure in Nazi medicine, Erwin Liek, predicted that cancer would come to be seen as a product of diet.2 The consumption of whipped cream seems to have been a particular target of disapproval. The official newspaper of the SS, Das Schwarzes Korps, reported on German tourists in Austrian coffee houses and said that anyone would “think Greater Germany was only created so that this raving Philistine rabble can wolf whipped cream.” - National Institute of Health article

No, this does not mean that America is on the verge of collapse into totalitarianism. No, this doesn’t mean that general health advocates are all disingenuous and focused on control. Some messaging is actually a positive. However, knowing that healthy people are largely unaffected by COVID and we have treatments that work to save lives, why does that message get buried by the media and politicians? If it’s truly about health and safety, wouldn’t these successes against the virus be the basis for a well deserved victory tour?

Instead of celebrating the closing of the mobile hospitals, because not enough people were sick to need them, the governor changed the goal. Then accused everyone opposing him of not caring if people died, or saying they must think the virus is a hoax. What?!? This is our wake-up call to fight back against arbitrary government power and the abuse of power that NJ residents are currently living under.

It’s also time to call out the complicit Democrats and weak Republicans, and their shills in the media, who really need to look in the mirror when they causally throw around Nazi comparisons for the 45th President and his supporters. It’s disconcerting that the Democratic Presidential ticket actually questioned the patriotism of people not wearing masks. This is a dangerous trend that turns Americans on one another.

In New Jersey, these so-called “safety & health” measures are pushed to continue the lockdown with the government in Trenton exercising control over the economy, speech and general activities. Business owners arrested and fined. Religious leaders dragged from their homes. This is not Germany in 1939, this is New Jersey in 2020. What is going on here? The media is clearly part of the problem as they have been throughout history. Many national and local media outlets continue to spread the fear and uncertainly with endless reports of positive cases and using the word “outbreak”. Even though it’s all based on inaccurate tests and false positives. We’re no longer talking about sick people and health dangers. We’re talking about an arbitrary and inaccurate measure used to take away your civil rights. Scary actually.

The Holocaust Museum has an analysis of how dangerous propaganda and a complicit media can be to people’s freedoms. As the cliché goes, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Another version is from my yoga friend James, who said, “Those who do not learn from history end up torturing those who have.”

The good news is that we have freedom loving, normal people among our small business owners who are willing to step up and fight back. And it’s a great sign to see more business owners joining the cause and just reopening. Enough already. Even the Ocean County Sheriff expressed regrets that he tried to shut down the Lakeside Diner. He actually went so far as to order a cup of coffee and a muffin.

So it’s clearly time to sit back and turn against the "safety propaganda" message and reopen New Jersey fully, without restrictions. The health scare is long over. The virus is going to be with us like every other virus throughout history. We have the ability to protect the vulnerable and treat the sick. Continued lockdown of our lives and livelihood has no productive outcome other than to further enrich the medical establishment bureaucrats and empower the corrupt elitist politician like Murphy.

Tomorrow is Day 163. Are you ready to fight back for normal?

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