You know what they say about karma. Well, it struck on the show this morning and in a big way.

Our news anchor Patrick Lavery was discussing how he's always paranoid of having something stuck in his teeth when he's on air after the infamous "poppy seed incident." That name refers to a time when fellow news anchor Joe Cutter was in the middle of his report and choked on a poppy seed.

Bill had never heard the segment itself so Patrick found it and played it for Bill on the air. It is one of those instances when you laugh but feel bad for laughing at it. After discussing it for a bit, a funny thing happened, karma showed up.

Both Bill and our Traffic South Reporter Jill Myra had a bout of coughing fits of their own on their air. Both happened within an hour of them listening to the audio of Joe's on air coughing fit.

Coincidence? We're not so sure. See the video in the YouTube clip above.


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