Crisis situations like this bring out the best and worst in people. We’re seeing the best among our first responders. We’re seeing the best among truckers, construction workers and parents who have had to assume the role of teacher through the past few weeks. We’re seeing the best in our transit workers who continue to operate our transportation system. We’re seeing the best among restaurants trying to stay afloat in uncertain and devastating economic circumstances. We’re seeing the best among teachers doing their part to adjust to distance learning and keep kids engaged.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, across the Hudson, has shown some strength and leadership questioning the decision to enact an economic shutdown and seeking the help of President Trump, delivering real results for New Yorkers. Gov. Phil Murphy continues to role play as if he is a top commander during World War II. Instead of focusing on the positive, he continues to shame average New Jerseyans all the while being completely inconsistent and hypocritical as to which businesses should be open.

As you’ve heard on the show for weeks, construction sites are open, many without proper cleaning supplies to sanitize work spaces, many without any realistic ability to be "socially distant." But still Murphy continues, proclaiming he will have NJ under complete compliance with his orders, without any regard for how many people are expected to work and get supplies despite the risks.

The bigger issue is that the governor has no plan. He has no plan on how to isolate the vulnerable, quarantine the sick even after opening up testing centers. If there is no action related to the testing then he is actually accomplishing nothing. Several other states refused to shut down entirely and despite those states having concentrations of people in cities. The results of not shutting down completely? Following CDC guidelines and people’s natural immunity contributing to low fatalities and a flattening of the curve. The draconian and unnecessary panic shutdown lead by Murphy and his cohorts is creating many more victims than the virus itself.

How many businesses will not be able to reopen? How many jobs will be lost? How many families will now be dependent on government handouts supported by those lucky enough to still be employed? Do you think for one minute that Murphy and the Democratic majority in the legislature will reduce the state budget to adjust to the shortfall in revenue? Not a chance. They will likely take credit for flattening the curve by costing you your job and then raise taxes to make sure they can still spend recklessly for their own agenda.

This crisis should be a wake up call. For decades New Jersey has suffered under poor leadership, from both Republicans and Democrats. Soon voters will have a choice to make changes in the legislature and in the governor’s office. Will this crisis bring out the best in New Jersey voters? Time will tell.

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