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Where to crab in NJ, Best NJ Day Trips (Flicker User: Doug Letterman)
Where to crab in NJ, Best NJ Day Trips (Flicker User: Doug Letterman)

The number of crabs in New Jersey's Bay's and Ocean's has declined over the past year. Some in the multi-million dollar crabbing industry believe Superstorm Sandy last October was one of the culprits, but one expert tells us it may be too soon to tell.

Joe Rizzo, a commercial crabber from Southern Ocean County, also sits on the New Jersey State Marine Fisheries Council.

"I personally haven't noticed a decrease. There is a dip on some harvesting crabs but there's an abundance of smaller ones. That could be a blessing for next season."

Rizzo explains even if there is a population decrease, it is a cyclical fishery. He says "they will come back. They sometimes dip from year to year but then there could be a large amount the next."

For the first time, some South Jersey restaurants have had to reach out to other states for crabs.

"It's all supply and demand. If there are no crabs, you'll end up paying more at the dinner table for seafood."

Effects of the October 29th, 2012 storm have possibly caused the drop in crab population, or forced the crustaceans to find shelter elsewhere. Rizzo says regardless, he's not worried.

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