The terror group ISIS has issued a new video warning that all countries taking part in air strikes against Syria will be attacked in the same way as Paris, and the next city on the list is Washington D.C.

(Spencer Platt, Getty Images)

Central Intelligence officials say they’re expecting more atrocities to be committed against the West by the Islamist terror group.

Harvey Kushner, the director of the Homeland Security and Terrorism Institute at Long Island University agrees.

He said what happened in Paris was a massive attack with significant planning and support that involved the use of a variety of different types of weapons, including guns, grenades and suicide bomb belts.

“It was well financed and thought out, so the question becomes could a similar type of massive attack where you have multiple targets coordination happen in New Jersey or the New York metropolitan area, and the answer to that is unfortunately yes,” Kushner said.

Kushner said security officials have focused a great deal lately on the danger of a copycat lone wolf attack in this country, where an individual decides to take violent action based on something they see or hear about overseas or some message they respond to from a Jihadist group like ISIS. That is a potential problem but we’re facing another big threat as well.

“They’re beginning to strike out now, not only in Syria or Iraq, but now in Europe, and let’s face it, we are very close across the pond and there are quite a few sympathizers here," Kushner said. "This type of multiple target attacks that occurred in Paris could happen in London, it could happen in Amsterdam and it certainly could happen here in the United States.”

According to Kushner, we live in an area where both federal and local law enforcement is very astute at trying to root out problematic individuals that may pose a threat.

“Let’s hope they’re on top of their game,” he said. “They’ve foiled many attacks since 9/11, attacks on major targets, let’s hope we stay lucky, stay safe, but always vigilant.”