What could have been a tragedy in Hamilton Township Tuesday night was avoided after a 19-year-old man called 911, said he was the victim of an armed robbery, told police a description of the suspect which was actually himself, then ran towards officers and yelled, "shoot me."

Hamilton Township Police received a 911 call just after 8:00 Tuesday night for the report of an armed robbery in the area of the Evergreen Apartment Complex behind the Atlantic City Race Course.

According to police, a caller stated he was the victim of an armed robbery and provided the following description of a suspect: black male, approximately 6-feet tall, wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt, jeans, and gray shoes. The caller identified the suspect as Julian Boyd and also said he was, "held at gunpoint."

When officers arrived, a person fitting that description was seen fleeing the area. Officers pursued the subject, who eventually stopped running, and turned quickly toward the officers in a dark area. The subject then pulled his hand from his pocket and pointed an unknown object at the officers and yelled, "shoot me," according to a press release. The subject refused to comply with commands provided by the officers who then used physical force to subdue the subject.

Once in custody, the subject was identified as 19-year-old Julian Boyd of Mays Landing. Boyd admitted to making the 911 call and providing a description of himself.  Boyd further admitted to purposely creating a scenario that could have resulted in the use of deadly force.  Boyd described using his hand in an effort to simulate a handgun.

The investigation is ongoing, and charges are pending.