ENGLISHTOWN — If you've ever felt the urge to use helicopter blades as monkey bars, here's your chance.

The world's only Navy SEAL obstacle course challenge is coming to Monmouth County this Saturday, and slots are still open for registration.

For nearly a week, crews have been busy erecting the eight-mile course at Raceway Park, packed with 42 heart-pounding obstacles. There are also three-mile and 11-mile options, and a course for children.

"Our obstacles are Navy SEAL-style obstacles — the same obstacles that we as SEALs trained on to go through SEAL training, or to train for combat once we were in the SEAL teams," said Brian Carney, a SEAL for 13 years and the CEO of Bonefrog, which runs 10 of these events per year.

Black Ops, a premiere obstacle in the challenge, requires participants to scale a 10-foot wall using rope, hang on for 30 feet of monkey bars and get back to ground level using a ladder.

During the obstacle Dirty Name, participants are likely to blurt out an obscenity or two as they jump from log to log, "catching them with their stomachs." The last log sits 8 feet off the ground.

In a new obstacle this year, Chopper, constantly-rotating helicopter blades act as monkey bars and challengers attempt to traverse through all six blade sets without falling.

The course also comes with the traditional rope climbs, mud crawls and chest-deep trips through water, Carney noted.

This is Bonefrog's third visit to the Garden State. More than 1,000 people took on their Navy SEAL course in at Raceway Park in October 2015. The course came to Borgata in Atlantic City last summer.

Prices this time around range from as low as $15 for the kids course to $184 for those interested in doing the 11-mile course, which comes with more than 65 obstacles (the original 42, plus repeats).

All finishers are awarded a medal by a U.S. Navy SEAL, Carney said. Proceeds of the events go to the Navy SEAL Foundation, which raises money for injured SEALs and the families of fallen SEALs.

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