Pandora's Box has been opened up in recent weeks, and it's difficult to say where exactly it will lead us, Jim Gearhart says.

But Jim throws out one ominous suggestion on the latest weekly Jim Gearhart Show podcast and Facebook Live show.

"We have the pandemic, civil chaos, public disorder, we have environmental devastation, we have a toxic food supply, we have water and air pollution, we have very weak and incompetent leadership, leaders only concerned about protecting their own backsides, a mass lack of direction and values, no national goals and crime. We have toxic information," Jim says.

He continues: "Every military coup that I can remember that took place in the world started because of domestic disturbances and situations such as we have now which got out of hand.

Citing Scottish historian Alexander Fraser Tytler, who said democracy can't last forever, Jim says the "progressive left" is creating toward a political takeover it hopes will solve the county's problems.

"So who do you turn to? You turn to the government to protect you, only to find that the government is on the side of those attacking you," Jim says

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The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5's Jim Gearhart. Any opinions expressed are Jim's own.

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