I saw this on someone's Facebook. It's a multiple choice quiz that asks you what words you use to say certain things. The claim is it can tell you what part of the country you're from by what you call various things.

I was completely on board until it told me I'm from the West Coast. WHAT???!!! Not even close. I was born and raised in Union County, New Jersey. I lived in Jersey most of my life with some years spent in other states. I've lived in Ocean City, Hamilton Township, Plainsboro, Hillsborough, and Raritan Township. All over the place. How dare they tell me I'm from the West Coast!

I think the two things that may have cost me were that I don't have people tell me I talk too fast and I don't call what ladies carry their belongings in a pocket book; I call that a purse.

But take this crazy quiz and see if it lands you in the right place and let me know what you get. Cuz I gotta admit, I'm a little ticked off.

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