The New Jersey Workplace Blood Donor Coalition has launched its summer campagin to increase workplace blood drives in New Jersey between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The campaign has been nicknamed, "The Need for Blood Doesn't Take a Vacation."

"Blood is in short supply during the summer when people break from work and school," said Department of Health and Senior Services Commissioner Mary O'Dowd. "Hospital and patient needs remain the same throughout the year."

As part of the campaign, 400 packets of blood drive promotional materials were sent to medium-to-large businesses and trade and professional associations.

O'Dowd said the percentage of eligible New Jersey blood donors who donate on a regular basis is well below the national average of 5%.

She continued, "Nine out of ten people will need blood at some time in their lives, and there is no substitute for blood; the human body is the only manufacturer of this life-saving commodity."

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