It's a sad day today as I say goodbye to my producer Chris Eannucci. Chris has been with me since November of 2011. I've been blessed with many great individuals who have produced my show, but Chris took the job to a new level. He was instrumental in making our show a rating and listening success.

He's a brilliant individual who possesses Macgyver-like instincts, being able to find a solution for problems big and small that come up. A radio station is jammed with gadgets, satellites and operates 24/7 so invariably something will go wrong. It's Chris who can get things fixed with the guidance of our station engineers.

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He's helped me with social media issues, tech issues and so much more. He's made my job more efficient and worry free so I can concentrate on doing good radio. We've been through power outages, snow storms, no ac and breaking news. It was Chris who kept us focused and doing good radio.

Chris is going on to better things here at Townsquare Media. He will continue to do great things for this company. I'll miss him every weekend, but our friendship will continue.

Big Joe Henry at Belmar's St Patrick's parade 2020 (Chris Eannucci, Townsquare Media)
Big Joe Henry and Nick Damelio at Belmar's St Patrick's parade 2020 (Chris Eannucci, Townsquare Media)

Our new producer Nick Damelio is stepping in and I'm thrilled to have him on our show. Nick has worked with me on our live remote broadcasts and was my talent coordinator for my Big Joe Jersey Talent Show. He was my only choice to replace Chris. Good luck Chris and thank you.

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