Like you, I'm skeptical about subtitled movies. Who wants to read while relaxing and enjoying a story on the screen? If I want to read, I'd get the book.

Well now on not one, but two occasions, I've been proved wrong. Apparently I have a 'type' when it comes to subtitled movies. Korean films are at the top of my list.

About a year ago my wife and I had a few minutes of rare downtime and looked for a movie. We found "Train To Busan." It was a zombie movie and seemed mindless enough to relax. As the first scene started and then the subtitles rolled, my first instinct was to turn it off. But then I was pulled in and captivated throughout the entire film.

Now I don't pay attention to the Oscars, Hollywood elites patting themselves on the back and whining about mean politicians isn't my idea of entertainment. So I ignore the nominees and rarely see the films inquisition. Until this year.

Bob Williams (NJ Traffic North) mentioned to me the week before the awards that he thought a new Korean film, "Parasite," should win Best Picture. I wasn't interested until I found out it was a Korean film ...WITH subtitles. All in.

My wife and I rented it that night and loved it. Hooked from the first scene. I will tell you it ended about three minutes too late. The end was a twist for sure, but I think it was the scene before the actual end was where the movie should've ended. But hey, I'm not the Hollywood director making millions so what do I know? Either way, go see it. Really a good movie. Then watch "Train to Busan." Two winners for sure.

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