Governor Christie recently stated the he didn't have a problem with NJ having beach badges. I don't have a problem with it either and I'm going to even take it a step further.

I've talked about beach tags in the past. I love the beach fees. It helps, or at least in theory, it should help New Jerseyans alleviate some of their tax burden. All the people that visit the Jersey shore every summer are helping to ease that infrastructure of upkeep on beaches and hiring yearly lifeguards by paying beach fees.

Beach badges are a necessity in New Jersey, otherwise township residents will be maintaining the beaches themselves. Someone has to pay for the replenishment, for the sand combing, the cleaning and so much more. There's a huge cost for maintenance, who should have to pay that? Should beach town residents have to pay even more just to live there?

There aren't many people that make the decision to not go to the beach because there are beach fees. So why do we want to get rid of them when they bring millions in for our shore towns?

Listen to my full rant on beach fees in the YouTube clip above.

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