Right now, everyone's even...0 wins, 0 losses.

Come tomorrow that all changes.

The smell of the grass, the cool breezes emanating from center field as the flags waver. The opening day lineups...it's all part of the annual ritual - "Opening Day".

But our minds always fast-forward to a day when two teams square off in the October Classic.

That's what I love about Opening Day.

And that's what I hate about Opening Day.

Because the team I've been rooting for since 1963 are this year gonna look like the team I rooted for in 1963.

Choo Choo Coleman, where are you?

Oh, if only to have Rookie of the Year runner up Ron Hunt playing second!

But I digress.

Expectations are always high for the other two teams.

The Yankees are who they are...the YANKEES, and fans will expect nothing less than the quest for championship number 28.

The Phils are older...have a question as to who gets more playing time in left, plus the loss of Ryan Howard and Chase Utley for a time...but still the most formidable starting rotation in baseball, in what has to be the most competitive division in baseball.

Hence, the Mets may exceed expectations, but don't go above 75 wins.

That would be overachieving!

Bobby Valentine will make a Red Sox/Yankee matchup that much more interesting, with the race going neck and neck through the season.

And the Phils top the NL East with the Marlins and Nationals keeping it close, and the Braves not too far behind that.

Finally, the only reason to visit Citi Field this year might be to check out the Shake Shack!

Aside from the not so Amazin's blowing chunks, what are your predictions?