This young man is truly gifted. Eddie Lin has autism and a passion for balloon art that first hit him at 10 years old. Now he’s making news for the creations he’s been making to say thank you to various essential workers.

His company, Ausome Balloon Creator, has a Facebook page displaying some of his gratitude. This one is Eddie holding what he made for postal workers who are still on the job.

Here’s another featuring a shopping cart he made for a woman who works in a grocery store.

Ausome Balloon Creator’s Facebook page tells Eddie’s story this way:

“The Ausome Balloon Creator is Eddie Lin, a special need young adult who is on the autism spectrum. Thus the name “ausome.” When Eddie was 10, balloon art struck a chord deep in his heart and has since grown into an expressive passion and gift to his community. Eddie started his balloon journey learning from various balloon artists on YouTube. He has since taken many balloon lessons from reputable Balloon professionals in Taiwan and the US to continue to better his balloon skills and knowledge. Eddie brings his special touch to all the special celebrations and life milestones he’s a part of. Birthdays, weddings, and Christenings are just a few. Customers are continually impressed with his distinctive works of art and his charming personality. Eddie has the uncanny wit of making occasions exceptional and memorable. He is available for any event. Eddie continues to bring joy and happiness to his community and everyone he meets through the influence of his Ausome Balloon Creations.”

Everyone can have a special gift inside them if they find how to unlock it. Eddie Lin definitely found his. Here’s more on this New Jersey artist from

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