Republican Assembly Leader Jon Bramnick joined me this morning to discuss what the future holds for the Garden State, as well as what the expectations are for Gov. Christie following New Hampshire.

You have a governor that has a 30 percent approval rating and the majority of the state upset with him because he has been out of the state campaigning. So what happens after New Hampshire? We have a state with a host of problems and over $200 million in debt.

Where do we start to turn things around? A good start would be to get the governor back in the state to help rectify some of these issues, make some dramatic changes and call these politicians out for the rest of what's left of his term in office.

While there is a lot of attention put on Governor Christie, there are things that can get done in the state. Assembly Leader Bramnick discussed how its starts with the majority party and Senate President Sweeney and Speaker Vincent Prieto.

Bramnick stated "There are a lot of options but they're painful options. You talked about pension reform. Theres already a bipartisan committee that says 'hey here's what we have to do for the future' that's never been presented to the legislature for a vote.  School funding is fundamentally unfair. It's run by a Supreme Court formula. You know unless the legislature takes on that 15 billion debt or responsibility, you really cant get to the problems about the state being unaffordable. So some of the focus has to get on the legislature and the majority party and say 'what proposals are you going to vote on. What proposals are you going to pass to lower the cost of living in the state? That's the question. And they've escaped some of the responsibility because of the focus on Chris Christie."

Bramnick specifically mentioned two major issues that need addressing to fix the state problems including, the unfair school funding and the so-called 5-7 billion into pension payments.

You can listen tot he interview in its entirety in the YouTube clip below.


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