We’ve all read the stories of how some county jails in the Garden State have released non-violent offenders due to coronavirus concerns. Even some ICE detainees have been released from the Hudson County Jail, the Bergen County Jail and the Essex County Jail by order of a federal judge because the facilities have confirmed cases. These detainees are said to have underlying medical conditions that leave them more vulnerable to the virus.

Now we hear that the first case of coronavirus in a Pennsylvania prison has struck and it just happens to be the new home of sex offender Bill Cosby.

The State Correctional Institute- Phoenix in Montgomery County is a nearly-4,000-bed facility and in its infirmary lies a prisoner with underlying health problems stricken with COVID-19. He’s been isolated from other inmates and tracing is being done to attempt determining which other prisoners he had contact with.

One of the most famous prisoners in the facility is former entertainer now sex offender Bill Cosby. And his lawyer is trying to use this as a reason to get him out. Representatives released the following in a statement through social media.

“Mr. Cosby is elderly and blind — and always needs to be escorted around the prison by support service inmates, known as Certified Peer Specialists (CPI). Those inmates could fall victim to the coronavirus and easily spread the disease to Mr. Cosby as they wheel him around in a wheelchair. Among their duties, the inmates bring Mr. Cosby to the infirmary for his doctor appointments and clean his cell.”

If the inmate who actually HAS the virus and has underlying health conditions is being held in the prison’s infirmary and is not being released then why should Cosby get out on the basis of what MIGHT happen? Fame and money? Special privilege? I don’t see Harvey Weinstein who contracted the virus being released from his prison. Let Cosby do his time. God knows his victims are serving their own life sentences.

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