I've lived in various towns in New Jersey. They include Old Bridge, Brick, Howell, Neptune and Freehold. In every one of those places, friends and family all have conflicting thoughts as to which part of New Jersey they are from.

When I lived in Brick, I heard a lot of people consider themselves part of Central Jersey and even North Jersey. Once I migrated slightly north to Monmouth County, a lot of people considered themselves from South or Central Jersey.

I've heard the argument that there really is no central portion of the state and that perhaps I-195 is the line of demarcation that denotes whether you live in the north or south portion of the state. I personally feel there is a Central Jersey, mainly because of the culture. When I think North Jersey, I think factories, weird smells and a view of the New York City skyline while standing in Hoboken. When I think South Jersey, I think of the Parkway becoming a two-lane highway, where Harold and Kumar went on their White Castle hunt and Cape May. Everything in between is Central.

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