Even though Dennis and Judi were on vacation last week, they kept up with all the coverage of the Anthony Weiner saga.  After watching Anthony Weiner's press conference, they couldn't help but notice that Anthony Weiner looks very much like another star on tv.

Weiner's celebrity look-a-like is someone who, much like the NYC Mayoral candidate, has a very interesting way with the ladies. Although he's a cartoon, this character could not be a more perfect mirror of Anthony Wiener in real life.

If you've ever watched the hit tv show 'Family Guy,' the character of Glenn Quagmire, whose sexual jokes and innuendos gets him in a lot of hot water with the ladies, could not be a more perfect character to to play Anthony Weiner in a movie, or vice versa.

Take a look at the photo below and let us know if you think these two were separated at birth.

John Moore/Getty Images/YouTube
John Moore/Getty Images/YouTube

If you've never seen Glenn Quagmire on the 'Family Guy,' here is a quick clip for you to get to know his hysterical character a little better.


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