Thanksgiving is one one of our favorite holidays.  For 2016 here are some cool fun facts to "feast" on.


Getty Images / Hiroko Masuike
Getty Images / Hiroko Masuike

*  It was honest Abe Lincoln who proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday.

*  The Macy's Thanksgiving day parade dates back to 1924.  At the time, it was called    Macy's Christmas parade.  There were no floats or marching bands, just a few animals from The Central Park zoo.

*  Did you know that wild turkeys can run as fast as twenty miles an hour?

*  Americans will consume 46 million turkeys today.

*  Ninety one per cent of Americans will eat turkey today.  That's eat turkey, not "talk turkey."

*  Over 42 million Americans are driving more than 50 miles during the Thanksgiving weekend.

*  The first college football game played on Thanksgiving dates way back to 1876 when Princeton played Yale.  Just for the record, our Jersey team won.  It's safe to assume the game was not televised.

*  The heaviest turkey on record weighed in at 86 pounds.  They probably had to start cooking the bird around Labor Day.

Here's one more...

*  Forty one per cent of consumers think store should not be open on Thanksgiving.

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving!




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