She's amazingly talented and she's a Jersey girl and today we had her in studio with us. Amy Vachal, a contestant on NBC's hit show "The Voice," talked about her experience on the show, as well as what's up next for her musical career.

We opened up the interview discussing her time on "The Voice," and what it was like. "It's been a little crazy. That whole experience was the wildest thing I've ever gone through," Vachal said.

Vachal originally got noticed by show scouts from a series of YouTube performances that she had posted online.  From those videos, she was asked to audition in NY, then a second round audition out in Los Angeles. The NJ singer said that she started out very calm about the entire process because she had nothing to lose but then as she progressed, got more nervous.

When Vachal eventually did get eliminated, there was a rather ironic twist to it. "You're lined up.. That day was crazy. I got an email to audition on my birthday, and I got eliminated on my birthday. It was one full year. So, that was a crazy day. It was wild because you know, you throw your whole self into something like this, you have to."

As for what's ahead? Vachal says that she's getting right back into music. "I'm just getting back to work. I'm busy as I've ever been. I decided that I'm just going to hit the road. So I've been booking a lot of shows all over the country. I'm just writing my face off and I'm just getting into it. "

Here is Amy Vachal performing in studio one her original songs entitled "Honey."


Amy then performed a 2nd original song, one that she will be recording in just a few weeks, called "So Much."