The death of Braeden Bradforth, a promising athlete who died during football practice at the school he played for, Garden City Community College in Kansas, is heartbreaking, but unfortunately, not preventable (as many deaths are). Of course we don’t want to accept that, because when a loved one dies we feel the universe owes us something in return.

So, as happens in many cases like this, the school is being blamed for his death. According to an article on our website, an “independent investigation” into Bradforth’s death has placed the blame of his death from heat exhaustion squarely on the school.

The article states that the investigation concluded that it’s the college's fault and that the school was not adequately prepared to deal with a situation like this. While it’s true that just looking at Branforth, who was 315 pounds, one might guess that he could be unhealthy, the article also points to the report’s doctor recommending that the athlete exercise.

A reasonable person could also assume that an athlete could stand up to rigorous physical demands. After all, why would the school assume it was dangerous when none of the other players died? The article goes on to say that, according to the report, the other complaint against the school is that they did not have a plan in place for such an incident.

Can you possibly have a plan in place for every potential pitfalls in life? Although it’s tragic, the fact is that no one could’ve predicted this and no one could’ve prevented it. Sometimes bad things just happen and there’s no one to blame, no money to be recovered and nothing you can do about it. But the more we seek to assuage all of life‘s difficulties with lawsuits and blame, The more we promote victimhood, the less equipped we are to really deal with bad stuff when it happens.

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