Kids who may have thought tele-learning was going to be like a vacation by now are surely missing the normalcy of school and the camaraderie of their friends. They probably even miss their teachers at this point.

At Thirteenth Avenue School in Newark the teachers are definitely missing them.

As points out, about a dozen pre-K through 2nd grade teachers wanted to do something to let the kids know they were thinking about them and to maybe make them laugh. So they let them see them in their stay-at-home worst wearing robes and sweats and no makeup before transforming into their professional selves.

It was a well-edited video project that went up on YouTube and was sent to the students. One teacher comically has her hair up in curlers that are actually rolls of toilet paper. So THAT’S where all the toilet paper went! mentions the teachers also did a candy toss from cars at the houses of 2nd graders who made the honor roll. This kind of thing is nice to see. Any effort to brighten up these displaced little kids’ days is worthwhile.

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