Dennis is great at doing foreign accents but one of his favorite all-time accents is from Ireland.  Dennis loves the Irish accent. Just the way the Irish speak and their tones amazes Dennis. Much like Italy and other countries, there are different dialects or speech patterns depending on what area you are in.

Dennis found this great video that explains real Irish accents and how they differ.

According to the narrator, he stresses that all Irish don't sound like "leprechauns on acid." The narrator also denounces any American actor who attempted an Irish accent like Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts in movies. There is a big difference in the accents of Ireland if you're from the north, south, east or west. The narrator even goes as far as to explain how there are different accents in the capital city of Dublin. For a relatively small city, there are two distinct accents, broken down between north and south.

Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day and maybe you can learn an Irish dialect from this fun video.

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