Homework excuses have always run the gamut from “the dog ate it” to “my grandma died... (again.)” But you know how creative we are here in New Jersey. Apparently we come up with better excuses—and more of them too. It’s not like we are the only state who can come up with great excuses for not doing homework. However according to a recent study, New Jersey is number one in homework excuses. And some of them are doozys. According to a recent Brainly survey, which you can find on Brainly.com, 1000 students were asked their most recent excuses for not completing homework. Here were their answers:

  • Undisclosed family emergency - 28%
  • WiFi/tech issues - 22%
  • Sick child/spouse/relative - 18%
  • Lost my assignment - 15%
  • Personal injury or illness - 9%
  • Dog ate my homework - 5%
  • Injured child/spouse/relative - 3%

But it NJ we have more. Are we really that lazy? Or do we really have legitimate reasons why it’s more difficult to do our homework? Here are the Jersey reasons I've heard recently:

1. Deer ate my homework

With hunting laws being what they are in the state, deer are running rampant. Leave your homework around and before you know it it’s lunch for Bambi!!

2. Used it for a straw

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but New Jersey is one of the most environmentally responsible states in the country. And I have to honor our fish and turtles. What am I supposed to do when I walk in to a place where there are only plastic straws? I rolled up my homework and slurped away so no fish would be harmed!

3. Carried my groceries in it

Ditto number 2. I carried my groceries out with it.

4. Burned it for warmth

It was a cold winter. And with the high cost of living in New Jersey? I had a choice: heat or homework.

5. Bartered for toll

It’s expensive enough to live in the state and we got a pay tolls too? FYI: a well written yet snarky essay and shockingly the toll taker took it!

6. Bartered it for the beach

Traded with the 16 year old beach tag checker. I was low on funds this morning —I needed a beach badge... he needed an essay for summer school

7. Fill a pothole

Am I supposed to risk another tire in this pothole ridden state? Hopped out of my car this morning and stuffed a pot hole with my homework. Not only did it save my tires, but potentially hundreds of other drivers’ as well.

8. Phil Murphy took it

Need I say more?

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