It’s comforting for many New Jerseyans to think that keeping your distance from other humans will somehow keep you safe from deadly disease and infections. The problem of course with this message, which we hear on just about every news broadcast across the country, is the facts don’t support the conclusion. A few things jump out right away.

First there is the CDC provisional death count, which clearly shows a spike in deaths over a period of just a few weeks. Considering that the lockdown took place at the end of March, it wasn’t necessarily effective. That inconvenient truth for the cowering public also supported by one of  they key frontline docs in the pandemic, Dr. Daniel Murphy who heads up emergency medicine at St. Barnabas in the Bronx. He stated publicly that the impact of social distancing policy certainly had less impact than the politicians are claiming.

Second, Florida, which has fewer than 2,000 deaths from COVID-19 to date, didn’t lock down until April and is already reopening. Beaches and restaurants included. Interestingly enough in Florida, the governor treated the population like free adults and left it up to local authorities to manage the reopening. As a result, areas with lower coronavirus impact are opening faster.

Third, hundreds of thousands of tests in New York and New Jersey show conclusively that what the NJ Health Commissioner said weeks ago was in fact true. Millions have had coronavirus. And with the steadily climbing number of cases, again MILLIONS, the mortality rate is actually, well, FALLING. That’s right millions of cases in our area and only a small percentage of deaths.

Fourth, there is mounting evidence that young children are not actually infecting adults. That evidence completely contradicts the narrative about grandkids potentially killing grandma. Actually the evidence is so compelling the Swiss are pushing to get the little ones hugging their grandparents again!

Fifth, we now know as FACT that people locked away in their homes with limited or no access to the outside ‘social’ world account for a MAJORITY of the new hospitalizations in New York. As a matter of fact, 66% of those cases are from people who have been shut in their homes for weeks.

Sixth, the masks are not actually keeping you safe and healthy. It’s why from the outset of the pandemic medical experts wanted masks reserved for health care workers and first-responders, NOT the general public. The WHO has never changed that position. And take a look at the Surgeon General’s warning before the White House panicked.

Lastly, your immune system needs to get stronger, not weaker. We need to get back to work, school, church, the gym and yes, our favorite local restaurant. Herd immunity is real and may be the best way to protect the vulnerable. Ask the families of those lost while locked away in New Jersey’s nursing homes how the shutdown and subsequent isolation worked out. Sweden showed how important it is so treat adults as well, adults. They remained open, schools and restaurants included. And they are better prepared to meet the future. No loss of civil liberty, no economic devastation AND no overwhelming of their health care system.

So you’re clearly NOT safe at home. Kids are not infecting adults and the virus has essentially run it’s course, according to medical experts. When will you stand up for your civil rights When will you put down the mask and allow your healthy immune system to work? When will you stand up and earn the freedom given to us so many years ago by brave patriots willing to die rather than live as subjects to a tyrant? It’s now up to you.

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