Thank God for Michael Smith, a graduate student at Cornell University. Thanks to this guy, we now have scientific evidence of the three worst places on the human body to be stung by a bee. Before I tell you what they are, first let me tell you how he did this. He collected bees by grabbing their wings with forceps then pressed them against the body part of choice until they stung. He left the stinger there for a full minute before removing it, then rated his pain on a scale of 1 to 10. That's the how. I can't speak for the why. I assume for a big pile of grant money.

Thanks to this ridiculous experiment we now know the worst three places on the human body to be stung by a bee are as follows: the nostril, the lip, and the penis. Did we really need research to know this? The best places to be stung (least painful) are the skull, the middle toe, and the upper arm.

P.S. Still no cure for cancer.

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