We kicked off Super Tuesday getting highly personal with millennials. Also, we found out that New Jersey Primary may be what puts Donald Trump over the top. In addition, I sided with Democratic Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly on getting the state out of our schools.

NJ Primary may be what puts Donald Trump over the top

Today’s five primaries, called by some the “Amtrak Primary” will likely help Donald Trump get closer to securing GOP nomination. He is surging in double digits in many of the polls. America is a very emotional place. If you make us pay attention we will. Right now people are paying attention looking at a guy like Donald Trump saying “this might be the answer to smash this old order.” Trump is in the process of completely changing the Republican Party. Hear my full rant below.

Spadea sides with Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly

Can we finally agree that it’s time to get the state government out of everything? I can’t think of anything the state government has touched, that has worked. Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly wants to stop the state from taking over local schools. I think its a great idea and long overdue.

Spadea Gives Words of Advice to a Millennial

Today’s show got really personal. When the show topic paused as a young woman finds the next step in her career.  The idea of everyone going to college is ludicrous. Millennial’s have to make a decision that isn’t depicted by someone else’s belief. I personally believe that the education system shuffling kids along. I’m struggling Bill,” says caller Melissa. Listen to words of advice I gave Melissa as she emphasizes the difficulty and financial burdens she faces through college below.

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