Vaccine discrimination continues despite the fact that we are a couple of years past the Spring of 2020 when the fear of COVID was peaking and governments across the country and globe shut everything down.

Had a caller on the show this week who had to move to New Jersey from Florida from work and he explained that it felt like leaving America. The guy could not believe that NJ is still gripped in fear of COVID with testing mandates and discrimination based on vaccination status.

I've been shining a light on this nonsense for two years now and although we are waking up many New Jerseyans to the reality of our morally bankrupt government, many are still suffering. From endless testing among teachers who chose not to get vaccinated to college kids — who are among those with the lowest vulnerability to COVID — being forced to get a booster before returning to school, NJ is far from returning to normal.

Enter lawyer Dana Wefer.

She's fighting on several fronts including taking a New Jersey school to court for segregating students, challenging testing mandates, and fighting for nurses, one fired for refusing the booster while pregnant and one nurse who has had serious medical complications since taking the booster.

Dana also has a case pending in defense of federal contractors and employees forced to take the vax or lose their respective jobs. She joined me on air to discuss this week:

On another front, lawyer Ron Berutti has filed a lawsuit to challenge the current discrimination being forced on lawyers in federal courts. They are being barred from appearing in person for not taking the vaccine or showing a negative PCR test. The reported inaccuracies of the test and the fact that vaccinated people also get and spread COVID notwithstanding, the very fact that a person could be denied a constitutional right to have representation over COVID is outrageous.

Ron joined me to discuss the suit and where he expects this to go from here:

Most of these issues could be solved on Day 1 if we had a governor who understood the value of choice, freedom, and the right for people to live their lives free of discrimination.

As Murphy governed through the lockdowns with executive orders, a strong governor elected in 2025, could reverse all of the covid protocols using the same governing tactic. Here's a sample of the executive orders that should be implemented immediately if not sooner:

— No student should be subject to any medical device, COVID vaccine, or testing in order to be admitted to or participate in person at ANY NJ school

— End ALL COVID testing requirements for any job, position, or participation

— End ALL COVID vaccine requirements for any job, position, or participation

— Rehire ALL workers fired for 'violations' of COVID protocols - or pay reparations to those employees

— Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the money trails between NJ hospitals, corporations, and politicians during the lockdowns

This is just the start of what we need to do in New Jersey in order to restore freedom for our citizens and create an atmosphere of opportunity and prosperity.

This should have been the campaign that was run in 2021 but the opposition party blew it at the state level and we are just gonna have to rebuild from the ground up. It's common sense and help IS on the way.

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