People have been talking about whether or not the zombie craze really necessitates a college course or not.

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This is mainly because it is now a college course at Monmouth University. The course was so popular, that it was one of the first to fill up upon its offering.

People like vampires, werewolves and zombies, we get it, but do we need a course on it? How long before they offer a degree in zombie studies?

So we were curious, to see what other strange courses were out there that college students could take but would have absolutely no use in the real world. We stumbled upon a great article from TruTv, which names the 10 dumbest college classes in America. Students having the choice to take courses in such things as 'The Knights of Old and Harry Potter,' 'Canine Behavior,' and 'The Death of Satan,' are all courses that our young aspiring minds could probably live without.

What stupid courses did you take or heard of when you were in college? Leave your comments below.

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