Andrew Fisher wrote these in a piece he did for Too good not to share. For a quick read they're listed below.

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1) Ads this year are going for $4 million per 30 seconds

2) 'Cheap seats' are going for $2,500

3) Wilson is shipping exactly 108 Super Bowl footballs to each team

4) MetLife Stadium is the most expensive stadium to ever host a Super Bowl, having cost $1.6 billion

5) More the 3,000 security guards and 700 cops will be on duty

6) The Seahawks are trying for their first ever Super Bowl win

7) Peyton Manning's "Omaha" calls will get $800 per call for the "Peyback Foundation" from 8 Omaha businesses

8) Winner will be the first outside the Eastern or Central time zones since 1999

9) Super Bowl suite will cost you one million dollars

10) This is the first Super Bowl to take place in a cold weather city