So this guy Dan Pashman from the Cooking Channel goes on the Today Showthis week. He does this segment with Matt Lauer about how there are four foods everyone is eating incorrectly. Claims he has a better way. When one of them was pizza, I paid attention.

Now first of all, there are two kinds of pizza eaters.Those who eat the slice flat without folding, and those who do it properly. But Pashman goes on to advocate the fold, but not the traditional fold. He says the traditional Jersey fold is putting all the cheese on the inside. Well, yeah, duh, that way you control and direct your olive oil grease drip! He goes on to say folding is the right way, but that we should fold it cheese side OUT! CHEESE SIDE OUT? It's cats and dogs living together I tell ya. Up is down, down is up! He admits you'll need like a whole roll of paper towels using this method but says it's worth it. That the cheese hitting your tongue first instead of the dough makes all the difference. I may try it once, but aren't you going to be one big grease ball by the time you have two slices?