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VOTE: Was Chris Rock’s joke about cancer funny?
Anytime you see the headline with the name “Chris Rock” – you’re either ready for some kind of offensive joke – or you’ll laugh.
Today was no exception.
While discussing the release of his new movie “Top Five;&CloseCurlyDoub…
You’re Eating Your Pizza All Wrong
So this guy Dan Pashman from the Cooking Channel goes on the Today Showthis week. He does this segment with Matt Lauer about how there are four foods everyone is eating incorrectly. Claims he has a better way. When one of them was pizza, I paid attention...
Bus Stop Dancer Caught on Video – Good for a Laugh [VIDEO]
Which of us hasn't been caught singing to a song playing on the radio while stopped at a light, and then feeling foolish! Or for that matter, bopping along to something while wearing earplugs walking down the street.
According to this:
Frustrated musical theater majors: there is hope...

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