Tonight is ‘Ask the Governor,’ hosted by Eric Scott. During the 9am hour on the day of Ask the Govenror,’ Jim always asks listeners to call in with their questions for Governor Chris Christie.

Gov. Christie in-studio for Ask the Governor (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Here are some of the questions NJ101.5 listeners called in with, in hopes that the governor will address for them tonight.

Nancy in Clinton - "When will Governor Christie stop the pension system for state workers, and start 401 K?"

John in Marlton - "What costs are associated with enforcing anti-marijuana laws?"

Ed in Whitehouse Station - "Can Governor Christie explain the full funding of the various pension plans?"

Naleeta in Monroe - "Why is the NJ Veterans Memorial not included in tourist advertisements?"

Jeff in Eatontown - "When you buy gas in New Jersey, why are you charged credit card prices if you're using a debit card?"

What would you want to ‘Ask the Governor?’ Leave your comments below.

Don't forget to listen in to 'Ask the Governor,' tonight at 7.