Gov. Chris Christie returns to the studio tonight at 7 p.m. for another installment of "Ask the Governor" with Eric Scott on the Townsquare Radio Network.

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In his March 26 appearance the governor addressed several topics including the ongoing Bridgegate scandal and the investigative report released later that week.

Eric Scott, left, interviews Chris Christie on Ask the Governor, March 26, 2014. (Townsquare Media)[/caption]The report, prepared by a law firm hired by Christie's office, blamed the governor's former deputy chief of staff, Bridget Ann Kelly, and Port Authority appointee David Wildsteinfor the controversial September 2013 lane closings at the George Washington Bridge. The report maintained that Christie had no personal involvement or advance knowledge of the closings, which it also acknowledged as being tied to some sort of political retribution.

Investigations by the U.S. Attorney and a joint state legislative committee are continuing and a recent poll indicated most New Jersey residents doubt the conclusions of Christie's internal review.

On March 26, Christie also answered questions about Sandy Aid efforts and the new tourism campaign replacing last year's "Stronger Than the Storm" ads.

On the personal side, Christie described the impact of his "life-changing" weight loss surgery.

Here are the video highlights: