Scenario: You have toddler in your home with whom you are having a really hard to time potty training. You've been patient, read books, asked friends but for whatever reason potty training your child is not working out the way you had hoped. As you are surfing the web one day, you come across the new product iPotty. The iPotty is a new plastic toilet at a $40 price made specifically to hold and your protect your iPad over the toilet so that your young ones can play games and watch shows while relieving themselves.

I do not have any children, and completely understand that sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, but is this going too far? Using this, I feel, is training the next generation to be too dependent on technology for even simple things such as relieving themselves. As a parent, there is a difference between teaching kids to use technology and devices as a resource, and using them as a crutch.

How do you feel?